Learn to control the gag



Mary thought she was good with oral sex. She and her boyfriend do it all the time. She enjoys giving him head, so last night should've been just a normal evening with a happy ending.

Not so much.

Mary and her man  just had sex, but she was still feeling frisky. As her beau sat down in the computer chair, she dropped to her knees and massaged his penis until is was partially erect. Then she proceeded to give him head.

Since Mary had just watched a few porn clips on Pornhub, she was trying new techniques and her man was loving it. He stood up, holding on to the wall as she took him deeper and deeper inside her mouth. Mary felt his knees shaking so, she stood up and motioned for him to get on the bed.

This is where things got bad.

Mary was in an awkward position, her head was not aligned properly and her man was uber excited about how wet her mouth was. He rotated his hips as if he was actually going in and out of her vagina. She tried to hold back and switch her head to another side. But he moaned, "keep it right there" and held the back of her head.

Then Mary felt the bile raising in her throat. Oh shit, she thought as she upchucked dinner all over her man's dick, balls and bed spread.

She pulled away, only to find that his eyes were still closed and head thrown back. That's when she said, "I think you're going to need a towel."

He opened his eyes and saw the mess. "I need a shower," he said.

Mary's face burned with embarrassment. As many times as she'd sucked his dick, nothing like this had ever happened. She didn't even throw up on the boyfriend with the musty balls.

If you've ever been a Mary, here are some tips from ehow.com to make sure you never, ever do that again. Because vomit is never sexy.

Step 1

Lubricate the penis slightly. The easiest and most pleasurable way to do this is to perform oral sex for a minute or two until the penis is good and moist.

Step 2

Begin to slowly take the penis into your mouth. You want to make sure you are in a comfortable position and your that your mouth, throat and the penis are properly aligned to avoid the gag reflex.

Step 3

Start taking the penis into your mouth slowly. You can either do this yourself or have him slide his penis into your mouth slowly.

Step 4

Continue to slide the penis into your mouth until you feel your gag reflex kick in. If he is the one doing the sliding be sure to let him know that you've reached a point where you need him to stop or you will gag.

Step 5

Hold the penis in position for as long as you again. Once you feel like you can't hold it anymore let go and take a break.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 1 through 5 until you can take his whole penis into your mouth with ease, completing avoiding the gag reflex as you do so.

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