Fellas, women who say size don't matter are lying


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There was a club banger out called "Don't Want No Short Dick Man" or something to that effect.

Fellas, the song is true. And if you're a guy who brags about the size of his dick,then you'd better be telling the truth.

What did TLC say in their song?

Some of y'all be foolin' us

Big feet big hands just plain big

The sex ain't worth a damn

We women wanna know these things

If y'all got the bat but not the swang

Put in work

If you don't want the girl to talk

And you don't want your feelings hurt

Put in work

Cause if you don't

That girl's just gon' go spreadin' the word

Jill from www.altpenis.com, says men are more obsessed with penis size than women.

I'd like to know where she found these women who are happy with small dicked men.

She quoted one of those rare women in her article:

For women, a man is much more then his penis. It's who he is as a person. It's how he makes us feel and what he means to us. As one woman put it, "I never walked away from a guy any size thinking more about the size than I did whether we enjoyed ourselves. Some guys just know how to make you feel OMG regardless of the equipment."

I have yet to meet a man who's penis was small and he made me feel OMG. If a man's penis can't reach your g-spot, the sex isn't going to be great. If his pecker is small, you're not going to get what you need without a lot of work.

Here is where Jill and I find common ground:

For most women, extremes of size either way – very small or very large – provide, er, certain challenges to overcome. When it's very small, there is the issue of how much a woman can feel. And "too large" brings a different set of problems.

A man can be too big. If you feel the head of his penis against your cervix, that's as much of a problem as not feeling him at all.

There is not perfect sized penis, just one that's perfect for your body and your needs. That's why size does matter.


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