Why does anal sex cause so many emotions?



I broke the law this past weekend.

And if I get the chance, I'm going to break the law again. And again. And again.

Yes, I committed a crime against nature when boy toy and I got a little tipsy and he entered the wrong hole, accidentally on purpose.

According to the state of North Carolina, what we did was unnatural and a Class I felony. I guess it's a good thing we closed the curtains.

As I looked at the law, I thought about all of the books that I've been reading lately and wondered why is anal sex such a hot button issue. Is it because this sex act is mostly associated with gay men? Or do we live in such a prudent society that people can't express themselves sexually?

Oral sex is also illegal in North Carolina. Right now, I'm looking at about 20 years in prison for my drunken hookup. But it was worth it.