Erotic author, T. Onyx, debuts new title online



T. Onyx is the pen name of popular romance author, AlTonya Washington. Washington lives in the Charlotte area and has won numerous awards for her romance novels.

So, what's the difference between T. Onyx and AlTonya Washington? Sex.

T. Onyx writes erotica and her first title, Truth in Sensuality, was released online at

So, what's it all about and how did a romance author make the transition to erotic?

T. Onyx tells us all about it:

Creative Loafing: Tell us about your current erotica release.

Truth In Sensuality is my debut erotic fiction title. Featuring Lucilla Fairchild and Ryken Gabrielle as stars of a popular adult series in Europe. The couple has worked together successfully for years until a new man in Lucilla’s life forces Ryken to admit he sees his lovely co-star as more than just a friend or ... co-worker.

How did you write such a hot and steamy book while dealing with you regular 9 to 5 and other duties?

Well I’ve written constantly for over 15 years and I’ve worked pretty much during all that time, so it’s become second nature to mix in my writing and real life. Writing rejuvenates me-nourishes me, so it’s something that I feel compelled to do almost every day. I write whenever my life allows for it. During my 9-5 hours- breaktime, lunchtime, before work and after are utilized for writing.

Does writing erotica spice up your personal relationships?

Well my personal relationship is pretty spicy already so I guess it helps to motivate me when creating these scenes. That, combined with a fertile imagination and a love of romance are all components that go into my creative process.

Who do you read in the erotica genre?

A hodgepodge of different people. I read two titles last year that really stuck out in my mind as great stories. Not sure if they are new authors but I look forward to reading more from them in the future: Surrender by Kimberly Zant and Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna.

Have you ever gotten inspiration for your work while doing regular things, ie. cleaning your house?

Oh yes, for me that inspiration can come at anytime from cleaning the house, sitting in traffic- I rarely have a pad around to jot down whatever strikes me. My feeling is that if it’s powerful enough I won’t forget it.

How can people get a copy of your book?

Readers can locate the title Truth In Sensuality on my Web site [] with instructions on how to obtain it. They can also locate it on as a Kindle Book.

Tell us about the name T. Onyx.

T. Onyx has always been a name I knew I’d choose for a pen name — not necessarily erotica, but when I decided to release an erotica title this name fit so well I knew it’d be the one. Most folks call me Tonya anyway- that’s the T. and Onyx (well that’s black-as are my main characters) so ... there you have it.

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