Attention Facebook, I have an STD--WTF?!



Imagine clicking on to your Facebook profile and reading that one of your friends has a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Take it one step further, what if that "friend" is the man or woman you hooked up with last weekend. What would your reaction be?

And would you post your STD status on the social network?

According to an article on, some people are putting all of their business on Facebook.

Broaching the sexual health topic with a partner isn't peaches and cream, so how my "friends" the oversharers are comfortable doing so with the multifarious Facebook community is beyond me. That the "Doc says I'm HIV negative!" and "No herpes for this guy!" messages are read by colleagues, family members and forgettable high school classmates alike tells me something. And that is: there's a reason filters exist. Some information is meant for Grandma and some is meant for friends. Mix the two and you run the risk of making innocent people itch.

I second that emotion. If you have an STD, share that information with people who need to know — former sex partners, potential sex partners, but don't share it with all of your friends on Facebook! For one, everyone listed as your friend isn't. Remember the Top 25 Lists, you will not believe how many were e-mailed to me from someone else's page because one of their "friends" thought something they shared was funny.

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