What a 16-year-old taught me about relationships



Yesterday I received a text message from my niece. She said that she'd broken up with her boyfriend but don't worry, she'd found a new one.

That was quick, I typed back to her. She said no, I've known him for a while and I can tell you everything that I like about him.

The first thing she said she liked about him was the fact that when he talks to her, he keeps his eyes on her face. Her ex, she said, did nothing to look at her breasts.

The new boyfriend told her that her face is pretty enough, he doesn't have to look anywhere else.

But more importantly, he agrees with her decision to wait for sex. In an age where young girls are having sex at 13 and 14, hearing that my niece is willing to wait and isn't going to let some young boy pressure her into having sex, did my heart good.

However, the main lesson here is that if a 16 year old can meet a boy who is respectful and nice, is there any reason why adult women should settle for assholes?