28 Days To Fabulous Sex



Anne Hooper is a best-selling author and sex therapist.

In her book 28 Days To Fabulous Sex, Hooper gives guidelines for a makeover that actually works.

Physical fitness definitely benefits the quality of your sex life. Careful eating, keeping your weight down, exercising regularly so that you tone your muscles up, all help to tone up your loving. There's an added benefit. The great bonus of sex is that it, too, involves physical exercise. And that exercise helps the fitness campaign! It's got to be the world's most pleasurable method of keeping in shape. Diet and exercise are outlined here with fabulous sex in mind.

This book confirms what I've always known: you can get fit through sex.

My new favorite exercise? "The Missionary Leg Lift."

This leg exercise can be used by the woman to facilitate the Deep Missionary. Lie on your back with your arms at your sides. Breathe in. On the out-breath lift up your legs in unison, with the knees bent, until they for a right angle. Don't forget to draw in your abdominal muscles.

This book also has recipes and color pictures. Some of the exercises described in the book are designed for two people, but you can do most alone.

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