Cheap Date alert: Don't save it for the weekend



In today's recession soaked environment, you have to change some of the things you do.

That mean date night should come in the middle of the week and not just the weekend. You'll save money and there's nothing like some mid-week loving.

So, what's your motivation for going out in the middle of the week for dinner and booty?

Restaurant specials.

  1. Eddie's Place has a month of specials. Thursday seems as if it's the best day to go.
  2. Twist has martini specials on Wednesday.
  3. Mert's Heart and Soul in Uptown Charlotte gives you so much food that you'd have to share. Dinner starts at 3 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday.
  4. Blue has late night eats for two at a decent price, especially Wednesday and Thursday nights.
  5. And never forget, McDonald's dollar menu. (Just kidding, kind of.)

Just because the economy sucks, it doesn't mean you should suffer in your bedroom and dating activities.

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