So you still want to date a banker?



The above headline is from an interesting piece on, but naturally applies to folks here in Charlotte. Here's an except from the article:

As guys lose jobs in greater numbers than their female counterparts, we seem to be approaching an unprecedented social and economic moment, in which the incremental changes of past decades -- more women heading to the workplace, leaving behind their gatherer skin and sometimes out-earning their mates, or living without mates; more men making a bigger investment in their home lives and shedding a bit of their hunter mentality -- may be shaken into shocking reality: Our workforce may soon be more female than it is male.

So why, then, are we gobbling up stories that take us back to the good old days, when unemployed men were emasculated cavemen and their potential partners lissome, money-grubbing dependents? In hard times, we want to be served stuff that is cheap and comforting: meatloaf, Campbell's soup and tales of women and men that conform to our most dated expectations of gender, money and power.

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