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If you've never visited, you should.

According to the tag line, this site is:

All About making your penis harder, healthier, happier, bigger and better.

Sounds good to me. Not that I have a penis, but women, myself included, love big, hard, healthy and happy dicks.

So, here's what I learned today about history's greatest dicks:

6 – John Dillinger

Speaking of 18 inch dicks, perhaps the most infamous cock in US history belonged to the 1930s gangster, John Dillinger. Rumored to be between 12 inches and 22 inches, it was the talk of America in the days and weeks following his death at the hands of the FBI. In the 1950s rumors began to circulate that the penis was so impressive that it had been removed and was housed in the Smithsonian Museum. The rumor gained such traction that ever since then the Smithsonian has had to deal with hundreds of requests every year to see the exhibit. It doesn't exist of course. John Dillinger's dick was still attached to him when he was buried and no, it wasn't upwards of 12 inches. How did the rumor start? Well, probably from this picture here. And yes, in case you were wondering, stiffs can get stiffies but this is no dick tenting the sheets. It's his arm. The illusion is the result of the angle of the photo. Nevertheless, the legend persists and in light of that, Mr Dillinger deserves a place in our pantheon of great wangs.

And there's more; ever wonder why those crazy ass artist get more ass than you do? Altpenis has the answer:

Astonishingly, the study found that professional artists and poets have around twice as many sexual partners as those who do not indulge in these creative activities.

The study, appearing in the The Proceedings of the Royal Society, involved surveying over 400 men and women, including visual artists, poets and schizophrenic patients. The researchers found the artists shared certain traits with mentally ill patients. These traits were linked with an increased sexual activity and are thought to have evolved because they contribute to the survival of the human species.

Bookmark this site if you want to laugh and possibly learn something.


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