Movies that should've been pornos



Have you ever watched a movie and thought, "Wow with a few more sex scenes and some full frontal nudity, this movie would rock"?

Actually, it would probably be porn. But if I could add some extra scenes to these movies, they would've been so much better:

Fatal Attraction: There was no need for Michael Douglas's wife to get upset when Glenn Close showed up in the bathroom. It was time for a threesome.

Mo Better Blues: First of all, Denzel Washington should've gotten naked and no need for his two girlfriends to get mad. They could've had a threesome, too. And since Cynda Williams had a thing for Wesley Snipes, they could've made it a foursome.

Casablanca: We really needed to see Bogart hit that from the back one time.

An Officer and A Gentleman: Who didn't want to see Richard Gere take Debra Winger in the bathroom and press her against the wall until he exploded?

Brokeback Mountain: If you're going to go there with a gay cowboy movie, then go there!

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