Old-school erotica vs. today's erotica



A few days ago, I discovered Anais Nin.

Her book, Delta of Venus was hidden on the shelves of a used bookstore and I had to grab it.

Her stories were very sensual and erotic. As I read her book, I thought about the erotic that's on the shelves today. How many times can one person write "cock" or "pussy" in a story.

Nin's writing would be good even without the sex. But if you pull the sex scenes from many of today's erotic novels, you're left with a plot-less bunch of words.

If you want a true erotic treat, check out some of these classics:

The Pearl by Anonymous

A Night In a Moorish Harem

Exit to Eden by Anne Rampling [she's better known as Anne Rice]

Lady Chatterley's Lover by DH Lawrence

Maybe when it was forbidden to write about sex, writers treated it differently.

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