Cheap date alert



If you don't go to Charlotte's monthly gallery crawls, you're missing a prime opportunity to meet new people.

You don't even have to like art.

Last Friday night, I ventured out to NoDa's gallery crawl. It was a beautiful night and the streets were packed. In this economy, going to gallery crawl is a cheap date as well. Most galleries offer free wine and finger food. If you're a man and you offer to take a woman to gallery crawl, you're going to look sensitive, artsy and all that other crap women say they want in a man.

But the truth is, if you hit up enough galleries, you'll have your date drunk before the end of the night. The wine may cause your date to let his or her hair down as well as the boxer briefs or panties.

And then there is the art. You can't go to a gallery crawl, whether it is NoDa's or South End's and not be impressed by the work of the artists.

So, if you need somewhere to go on a date or just to meet a different type of person, hit up one of the city's gallery crawls.

South End Gallery Crawl is the first Friday of each month.

NoDa's Gallery Crawl is first and third Friday of each month.

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