Sexy food and the book to help you



While scanning the Internet this morning, I found a story on The Frisky about cooking like a porn star.

Interesting concept, even though we know men who watch porn aren't wondering what Jenna Jameson's chicken pot pie tastes like. (Hey! I'm talking about food.)

Nevertheless, it's a well known fact that a man's stomach leads right to another part of his body. If you're not willing to have a porn star cookbook on your book shelf, then check out local author Cheryl Mayfield Brown sexy cook book, "Cook N To Keep Him."

In this book you will discover how to cultivate a new kind of flavor for your relationship using and working the "cooking utensils" that you naturally possess. With these basic cooking utensils, you will learn how to peel back you inner most cooking skills so that you can and will make temperatures rise in the kitchen (and other places) so the next time your prepare a meal for your man, it won't be the spoon that he is begging to lick.

I'm sure the porn star cook book is similar to Mayfield's book, sexy recipes with saucy names, but wouldn't you be embarrassed if someone saw you taking notes from a porn star so you can cook dinner?

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