Date destination: A Peace of Jazz



The club scene can be overrated, but if you want to treat a date to something special on a Tuesday, head to Kiss Lounge for A Peace of Jazz.

Former Charlotte radio personality Jaye Delai and his wife Monica put together the weekly event and they say they did it for the "grown and sexy."

"I wanted to do something that everybody can do. Something that was going to be upscale and have that look. I wanted to bring that to the table to provide something that people can be proud of. I wanted to create that atmosphere that was right and I wanted to do something with my wife."

So since this is an event started by a couple, it's the perfect place to go as a couple and according to Delai, as a single person too.

"A Peace of Jazz is a great place to take a first date because it will show that man or that woman that this person loves to live life. They have a passion for living and a passion for the finer things in life," said Delai.

And, he said:

"We get an absolute mix of couples and singles."

Over the last couple of weeks, the Delais have notice that there are more single women coming in to the event. (Hint to single men looking for someone to take on a first date.)

There are two hours of live jazz, food and drinks. The music comes from local and national jazz artists.

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