Now that Valentine's Day is over. . .



The love and romance that had been building for two weeks is over. Does this mean your relationship is going to go flat like those balloons you received on Saturday?

How do you keep the heat of Valentine's Day going all year long or at least until the end of the month?

Treat yourself to more chocolate. It's on sale now and you buy a few boxes and hide then in the freeze. Then just because, give your mate a box of chocolate. Or you can melt the chocolate and paint it on your lover then lick it off.

Buy something nice and lacy, wear it as your serve your mate dinner. You don't have to cook it, you can order take out and have an indoor picnic. Be sure to put on a pair of those hot shoes you wore on your Valentine's Day date.

Do you have an old Halloween costume? Be your mate's superhero for one night. And to make it totally unexpected and a surprise, do it in the middle of the week. Just because Hallmark isn't selling love any more, it doesn't mean that you can't dish it out just because.

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