How do you fall in love if everybody has baggage?



Last night my friend and I watched RENT on DVD since we couldn't make it to Ovens to see the stage production.

While watching the scene where Mimi tries to get Roger to take a chance on being with her, my friend turned to me and said, "Baggage is the reason I'm spending another Valentine's Day alone."

"Should I cue the Amy Winehouse?" I asked, thinking she was joking. But she wasn't.

"Once you reach a certain age, everybody has baggage. Men and women and it takes men a lot longer to let it go," she said.

"Well, I think everyone takes a longtime to let go of past hurt and the problem is, we wait until Hallmark starts shoving love down our throats to address it."

"And those damned 'Every Kiss begins with Kay' commercials."

"And," we said in unison, "he went to Jared."

"I hate those the most," I said.

But if we're all scared because of something that happened to us in the past, how do we move on to a future love? Are we doomed to a lifetime of meaningless sexual encounters and no love?

Don't get me wrong, having meaningless sex every now and then is all right--as long as you're safe and your partner is on the same page. But every player gets tired of playing and the party girl finds that her stilettos are too tight, then what?

I guess it's like Mimi says, "I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine."

But are there enough over head compartments to hold all of these bags?

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