What to do if you're single on Valentine's Day



Valentine's Day is seriously overrated.

But when you are single and flooded with images of red hearts and roses, it's enough to make you want to puke.

On Feb. 14th, there won't be a restaurant in Charlotte that you can go to where you won't see couples snuggled up and kissing or hugging. Not even McDonald's. But have no fear, because that man is probably making up for missing her birthday, an anniversary, giving a crappy Christmas gift.

You're probably better off than that couple. [Just say it until you believe it.]

Still, a Saturday night is no reason to sit in your house alone and bored.

Go to the Estate with some of your single girlfriends. You may not find love, but you will surely have a good time.

Get drunk at the Wine Vault's Anti-Valentine's Day Party. There's nothing like a drunken Feb. 14th hook up.

Get hooked up on Valentine's Day, because face it, you want somebody.

Mingle with other single people at The Westin. And since you're already at a hotel, you can . . .well, you know. If you ever had an elevator fantasy, now is the time.

So, if you're single on Feb. 14th. Don't mope about it, get out and kick love in the ass by having a good time.

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