Inside Carolina Video Source



Last night, my friend P and I decided that network TV was boring and since she'd never been to Carolina Video Source, we took a trip there.

The adult store, located on Harris Boulevard, is totally old school. Before you can enter the store, you have to show I.D., you know you're supposed to be 18 to get into these places.

I've been there once before, during the middle of the day and it was interesting to see the place at night. For one, there were a few more customers on the inside. The clerk had some smooth music going as she set up a Mardi Gras display. As soon as you walk in, the clerk tells you all of the specials.

Last night it was "buy two DVDs and get one free." P and I walked around for about an hour, starting in the lingerie section first. The selection was interesting. P bought a leather teddy that was on sale and a "Wonder Chic" costume, complete with gold sock boots, a lasso of truth and a headband. Since this costume is obviously not licensed by DC comics, it didn't look like "Wonder Woman's" famous body suit.

Next it was over to the toys. You basically found the same things you'd find in any of these shops, along with a sign that says, "If you open it, you buy it." But the clerk at the shop was more than helpful. When you took an item to the register to ask about it, which P and I did with a couple of strangely shaped dildos, she was more than happy to open the packages and give a demonstration of how it worked.

Then there were the videos. From classics like, "The Devil In Miss Jones," to the just raunchy, "Big Black Cock in Little China." There were also a few instructional videos there. Including Nina Hartley's line. The one title that stood out to me was, "How to Dominate a Man." I bought it. Now if I could only find a man to submit. (LOL)

They don't rent videos, and I'm still searching for a place that does. Last night, I did learn that Girls Gone Wild DVDs are available on Blu-Ray.

I was curious about the customers who come into the store, so I asked the clerk. What time of day is busiest here?

Her response was lunch time. (Kind of surprising) Mostly men, she said.

"That's the time they can get away and the wife isn't home."

Women, she said, linger longer in the store. Mostly focusing on the toys. "Some times, the shop can be a candy store for women as well."

I know that's the truth.

Carolina Video Source has a wide range of lubricants and they're mostly water based, which is what you need when using latex condoms. And while it's pretty common to find K-Y Jelly in Wal-Mart these days, there will never be a day when you walk in that store and find Good Head gel.

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