Inside a lady's lock up


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I've often wondered why there aren't more male strip clubs in this city.

My friend "Lucy" went to the lady's lockup at Club Onyx on Sunday and filed this report:

Some of the dancers were cute, but I wonder how many of them actually wanted women and not each other. [Ouch, says Mustang Sally]

I went with my sister and about 9 p.m. she shut down and was ready to go. She was saying, "I don't want them touching me." [The show started at 8 didn't it?]

There was this dancer who got mad at me because I wouldn't give him my last three dollars. I told him, I'm saving this for somebody good. [HA!]

The vibe was kind of cool. There were dancers in the crowd and there were dancers on the stage of course. What was funny to me were the women begging to be pulled on the stage. Some of them acted as if they'd never seen penis before. [Damn!]

So, this one guy dances on me and I felt as if I needed some GermX. He was so sweaty. But I touched his chest and played with his navel. [Huh? OK.]

Finally this girl gets on stage and a dancer comes out dressed like Prince. He was short and you know he could fit inside this lady's pant leg. [Get the fuck out of here!]

The whole time my sister was sitting there, our friend kept telling the dancers, "She's getting a divorce." And that pissed my sister off who began yelling, "No, I'm not!"

There was a dancer there who was supposed to have the largest penis on the east coast. And no, he didn't show it. [Then he was probably lying!]

I had a good time, but I don't see why people got so excited about men who were not going home with them.


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