Role playing, Usher style



Usher has a song called Trading Places.

While I don't like Usher's latest CD, this song got me thinking about the roles of men and women in relationships.

In the song, Usher says:

I'm always on top, tonight I'm on the bottom, cause we trading spaces.

Usher sounds like a boring controlling man! So, when a woman is on top, that's masculine? How about no. When a women is on top, she's getting direct clitoral stimulation, and for most women, that's a HUGE orgasm.

Usher says: When I can't take no more, tell me you ain't stopping. Cause we're trading places.

That sounds like Usher is a selfish man. When someone says "stop," it means they really want you to stop. When a woman is no longer wet, sex is painful! Stop means stop.

Usher says: I plan on waking you up to a cup of Folgers, Pancakes and eggs.

So, Usher can't spring for Starbucks? After all that work he made that woman put in, he's giving her Folgers?!? Usher, come on, you could've done better than this.

If you really wanted to step inside a "woman's role," maybe this video would be of more help. (Not safe for work, watch it at home people.)

But, do men in a relationship really want to be dominated by their women? Sure there are people in the BDSM lifestyle and that's their preference, but does a regular guy really want to reverse the roles with his partner?

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