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Not a Panthers' fan? Me either, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the energy in the city right now.

The last time the Carolina Panthers hosted a home playoff game, everybody and their mother ended up roaming around Uptown. And for some football fans, there is nothing sexier than a woman rocking a jersey and boots.

So after Saturday's game, win or lose, you could be the one scoring. The last time I went out with friends to watch a game, we ended up at Grand Central on North Tryon St. That place is now closed, but I'm wondering where are some great sports bars to watch the game?

Then I realized, I don't want to go to a sports bar. Because I met my booty call at The Adam's Mark, now the Blake Hotel in 2004.

The Men's Club is showing the game. And they have $5 hot wings.

But if you're looking to score yourself, location is key. Make sure you watch the game in a place that gives you close proximity to a hotel. The last thing you want to do is take the booty home. Especially if they happen to be an Arizona Cardinal's fan.


• Cosmo's Cafe: While this isn't a sports bar, it is right across the street from the Holiday Inn. Expect food specials and the game to be on all of the TVs surrounding the bar. With the game being so big, there may not be rooms at the Holiday Inn, but I'm sure there's a bathroom in the lobby if you just can't wait.


• Murphy's on Woodlawn is right across the street from The Days Inn and there are at least three other hotels within walking distance of this restaurant and bar, including the Four Points Sheridan and The Best Western. And since you're already on Woodlawn, make it a fantasy night and buy a whip from the Red Door. What can it hurt? (Besides your ass.)

Other locations where you can watch the game and possibly get some fun of your own?

Champion's Sports Bar at The Marriott. You probably won't find a room there, but this place is always packed with people when the Panthers are winning.

The Fox and Hound in Uptown. There will be a lot of people and not much parking. Take light rail and maybe even cop a feel on CATS.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, keep it fun and keep it safe.

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