Because not every woman is a size 2



While I was roaming around the city yesterday, I found myself taking a short cut to Northlake Mall by heading down (or up) Statesville Road.

As it turned out, this isn't a shortcut because of all the schools and buses, it's just stop and go. While floundering behind some old man who clearly needs to be stripped of his driver's license, I spotted a sign that read, "lingerie up to size 9X."

I took a closer look and realized that in the cut, there was a new lingerie shop. Who needs to go to Northlake now? I turned into the parking lot of Secrets Lingerie and Apparel and headed inside.

This shop has lacy things for women of all sizes, from small to 9X. They also have jewelry, sexy shoes, and lubes.

I asked the owner, Lisa, how did she get into selling lingerie for full-figured women (because most of the items in the store were for women with serious curves).

She said that she and some of her friends were going to a lingerie party a couple of years ago and they couldn't find anything to fit their curves. They went to many of the shops around town and one storekeeper actually said to one of the women who'd asked for an item in a larger size, "no one wants to see a fat girl in lingerie."

For most women, fat or not, that would have been a self-esteem killer. But for Lisa and her friends, it was inspiration. They began ordering and selling lingerie at private parties. It got so big that in June they opened Secrets.

Most of their customers, said Lisa, are men buying for their wives. And though the shop is open the owners still do private parties.

Want to check it out?

Secrets Lingerie and Apparel

5639 Statesville Road.

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