Give me my kidney back!



A New York doctor says his cheating wife broke his heart, so he wants his kidney back.

Can't say that I blame him.

Richard Batista can live with his broken heart. He just can't bear his cheating wife living with his healthy kidney.

The Long Island doctor wants the one-time love of his life to pay $1.5 million for the organ he bestowed on her eight years ago in a gift meant to save her life and their foundering marriage.

Could you imagine how awful it is to save the life of the woman you love on to have her cheat on you with her trainer?

Batista insisted his cash-for-kidney claim was a direct result of his wife's behavior. He said he hasn't seen his three daughters - ages 14, 11 and 8 - in months.

"This is my last resort," Batista said. "I didn't want to be in the public eye."

If the shoe was on the other foot, women's groups everywhere would be lining up to dig that kidney out of this man with rusty spoons. I say give him his kidney back and see if your new man will donate his to you.

This woman has a nerve that is beyond words. I hope the good doctor wins this battle.

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