You'll probably go to jail if you try this, since having sex in public is against the law in North Carolina.

But let's say you're a filmmaker and you're looking for some public places to film your "adult" movie.

Charlotte is ripe with them.

Scene one: Doing it in the park. This North Charlotte park has an empty pool and a covered area that would provide the perfect backdrop.


Scene two: Love on the stairs. Pick a parking garage with a stairwell; this one on South Boulevard near Quizno's is a great one. But make sure you climb all the way up to the top, then you can work your way down.


Scene three: Riding the rails. Charlotte Area Transit light rail has been the subject of much debate. But you can't debate how hot it would be to film a movie on the benches underneath the awning as the train whistle blows. You can best believe that won't be the only thing blowing in this movie.


The Finale: There is a cool alley between The Fortune Cookie and what used to be a sub shop on Charlottetown Avenue. It's long and narrow and your actors would have to be very flexible to make this scene work. Or, maybe this would be a great spot for some girl-on-girl actions.


With or without a video camera, film permit and whatever you need to be the next Spielberg of the flesh, these spots are great for a little P.D.A.

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