Fighting over the wet spot


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Picture it, last night in a king-sized bed.

You and your partner had the best, wettest and hottest sex. You connected mind, body and soul. He pulled out some Kama Sutra moves and you matched him stroke for stroke.

Then it was over and there was a huge wet spot on the sheets. Now, you're doing everything in your power not to end up sleeping in it. He glances at it and moves to the driest spot in the bed, looking over his shoulder saying, "You made it, you sleep in it."

Damn it! If it wasn't 3 in the morning, you'd be happy to change the sheets, but you're tired and all you want to do is sleep. But there is no effing way that you're sleeping in the wet spot.

So, what do you do?

There are love pads. Yes, you read that right. But who has those things lying around?

You could bitch and moan for the next 20 minutes -- but, hello, you want to protect the afterglow, don't you. There is nothing sexy about arguing after climaxing. Still, you don't want to sleep in the wet spot and he's damn near in a coma now as you stand over the bed grimacing at the prospect of lying in all that love juice.

This guy says you should put a towel over the wet spot and pretend you're spending the night at the beach.

Ugh, no.

For $36, you can get Luv Linens. That's a lot for some damned sheets.

So, I guess that means the only thing to do is fight over the wet spot, afterglow be damned.


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