He wants you to take the banana test



I had the pleasure of sipping coffee at a nice little shop in Charlotte a few days ago with one of my good friends, Y.

He's a "man's man" who has had more sex than Ron Jeremy, so it's not surprising that when I told him I was writing this blog he had a great idea for a post.

"Most women don't know how to suck dick," he said.

"Since I don't have a dick, I've never noticed," is what I started to say, but I just cocked (pun intended) my head to the side and replied, "Really? What does it take to give a good blow job?"

"If you don't know what you're doing, the old trick is to get a banana, go down on the banana and if you can taste it, you don't know what you're doing."

(Yes, I went home with a bunch of bananas to test my technique and I didn't taste it!)

"Some women use teeth and some women use their hands[when they are giving head], and I guess they think the more painful it is that they're doing something," he said.

I wondered and asked, if it's that bad, why doesn't he tell her to stop?

Y said, "Guys tolerate it because they are getting their dick sucked. That's the main objective. Honestly, if a guy can't teach her (the proper technique) then she can watch porn, because there are some dick sucking videos out there."

And most adult shops in Charlotte have those couple DVDs that show her as well as him what to do to give pleasure to their partner.

But Y has some quick tips from his own experiences:

  1. Don't leave the balls untouched.
  2. Don't neglect the head, because that's where are the nerves are.
  3. The balls are sensitive, so be gentle. Treat them like nipples.

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