It must be your first time. . .



In an adult video store is what I wanted to say to the man who kept looking at the door.

Yesterday, I discovered a store hidden in East Charlotte, Carolina Video. It's been there for 15 years, I just didn't know about it.

When you walk in, you have to show your ID to get them to open the door. I got carded! Yay!

There was another customer in the store and he kept looking around as if he was nervous. What did he think, someone he knew was going to walk in? And if they did--what could they say?

Think about it, if you're in an adult store and your pastor walks in, I bet you he or she won't say a word to you or about you being there. That person wouldn't have known you were there if they hadn't been there themselves.

Also, people come in those stores to look at items, not check out the people in there. But, if you and the person of your dreams happen to have the same taste in leather whips, there is nothing wrong with asking for a phone number. Either you're going to have the best sex of your life or make a new friend who has freaky friends who want to be punished. You have the tools to be the punisher!

So when you go into an adult store, don't be timid or afraid and don't worry about who sees you there.

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