Getting bad sex? Talk about it



The only thing worse than no sex is bad sex.

Unless your partner has a medical problem, you can make bad sex better.


Talk it out.

In an article from, experts say:

Bad sex is like being stuck in gridlock traffic: You’re there for the duration. And you wonder (with a mix of disappointment and frustration) if you’re ever going get where you want to be.

Amen to that. Some partners are selfish and just want to get theirs and go to sleep. While they fall into a restful slumber, you're tossing and turning looking for batteries as you dig your vibrator from underneath the bed.

Stop that.

According to the article, if you tell your partner what you like, you might get it more and get off.

Guys are visual. If words alone aren’t getting the message across, tap your inner porn star and simply show him what you want.

“A lot of men love to watch women masturbate,” Sugg says.

Or take his hand and gently demonstrate how hard or soft you want to be touched.

And men, you can do the same thing to that woman who's bad in bed too. The chick who just lies there, making you feel as if you're making love to a pillow. And speaking of porn stars--did you know there are DVDs for couples?

Check out any adult video store for an array of titles. And for the more literary types, Sari Locker's book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex is a must have on the nightstand by the bed.

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