A liberated couple



Today while shopping at one of my favorite stores on South Boulevard, I saw a couple shopping for dildos. They looked as if they were in their 40s and I have to applaud them for keeping their sex life relevant.

As they looked at the battery operated toys, he asked the helpful clerk just as many questions as she did. He took a blue toy with pearls inside to the register so that the clerk could put batteries inside and demonstrate how it works.

What I wouldn't give to be a fly on their wall to see how they use those toys. I've heard my friends complain about their mate not wanting to experiment with different things in the bedroom. One of my friends said her man thinks that she may get to attached to her vibrator. What he doesn't realize is, he would add the buzzing toy to his bedroom action. Just imagine how she would explode with his tongue in between her legs and the rabbit vibing against her clit.

For a man to help his woman pick out a dildo, that's automatic head for a week. Has to be. He's going to make her come, and she's going to make sure he gets his as well.

So, to all of you men out there, embrace the vibrator and you will get rewarded.

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