Sex toys at Spencer's in a mall near you.


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The masses are finally realizing that women need to come –often, hard and sometimes alone.

And that women (some women anyway) don’t want to drive to the outskirts of town to buy a sex toy.

So, thank you Spencer’s at Northlake Mall for selling vibrators in the mall. And we’re not talking about a “massager.” I’m talking real cock shaped toys that will touch your g-spot.

Granted, you won’t get the variety that you will find in a sex shop or adult shop like the Red Door. But these toys are cheap.

Spencer’s has a purple vibrator for $7.99. It’s not as powerful as some might like, say the sales girl in the store. But if you’re new to purchasing sex toys, consider this toy your gateway drug.

One of the more interesting sex toys at Spencer’s has to be the oddly shaped dildo, which is allegedly designed by women for women. Women who have never seen a penis, maybe? This thing has more grooves in it than warn out tires. And it’s really soft. What woman wants a soft penis with tons of ridges?

The toys at Spencer’s may be more mainstream and for “beginners,’ but there is a powerful bullet there with a remote control. The woman slips the bullet inside her panties or where ever she likes and hands the remote off to her partner. What’s hotter than walking around getting unexpected jolts down there?

It makes me wonder, if someone gets this as a gift, who benefits from it most?