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Heard: random drunken statements (June 2011)



I’ve always been more of a people listener, so to speak, than a people watcher. This is especially true when it comes to going out at night. Most crowds look the same to me. A bunch of people standing around, drinking, talking, some dancing — it’s a scene I’ve seen plenty of times before and it always looks about the same to me.

I’m much more interested in hearing the random drunken statements yelled out throughout the evening, as the concerns for volume control and social decorum dissipate as the drinks start to flow. That’s when a person’s true personality comes through, and when you experience something unique.

To honor this nightlife phenomenon, I have decided to start a regular feature I’m calling Heard. Each month I will share the most noteworthy statements I have overheard while hanging out in Charlotte once the sun has gone down.

Some will be insightful. Most will probably be ridiculous. But then, that’s ultimately up to you, Charlotte. I’m just here to write it all down.

Bartender at The Gin Mill: “They come in here the next day like, ‘You roofied me!’ Yeah, or maybe it was the 18 shots you ordered.”

Partygoer #1: “I wonder what the most repeated word is in that crowd right now.” Partygoer #2: “Like.”

Girl at The Milestone: “I don’t believe in God, I believe in aliens. People saw aliens and they thought it was God.”

Guy at Sewercide Mansion: “If I was a rapper, I’d rap like Lewis Carroll.”

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