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The Money is bringing on the shock factor



On freaky Friday, July 1, The Money in Rock Hill is hosting another one of their Shock-Pop parties, and you should check out the variety of entertainment they've got in store.

As the Facebook invite says, "Come spill your drinks and lose your mind with us at our new brand of Dub Step, Electro Clash, Shock Rock parties. ...Three bars and two dance floors and enclosed patio, sexy gogo girls and live freaky performers."

Do you think you can handle it? There's only one way to find out.


The new wave electronic dance music of Astrid Haven and 2X Tha Madness kicks it up a notch. But the list of musical entertainment isn't even close to being finished. Spinning just for the dance floor are local DJs DJ FrodoFangz, DJ K03-D33N, DeeJae Hentia and DJ Pulse. The patio dance floor and bar DJs include DAN WALL, Will Love, Tony Dubz DREXELL, DJ Linoge and DJ Code.

Your head will be spinning like the DJs turntables from all the energy. A theatrical Gorelesque show, sexy gogo dancers and live performers with light and image shows will be going on throughout the night, along with special Gust Fire and Light Poi Dancers including PaTriK, Blain and Daniel performing outside.

The party is from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. . Tickets are $5/$7 for 18 and up.

The Money

110 South Cherry Road, Rock Hill


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