Night review: Su Casa at Dharma Lounge



I wasn’t sure what to expect from Su Casa, the recurring event formerly known as Mi Casa. This was in part due to a somewhat ambiguous event flier and because it was taking place at Dharma Lounge. Dharma is still set in my mind as that place where Le Bang happens – a hipstery Look At Me! Fest I tend to avoid.

Even with the vagaries of the flier, it appeared as if that this was going to be quite different from Le Bang. This hunch fortunately proved true.

For one, the crowd was decidedly more ethnically diverse and a bit older – think more late twenties/early thirties than late teens/early twenties. The place was also a lot more sparsely attended than the average Le Bang affair. Fair enough, it was a Sunday night, after all, and Mother’s Day at that, though one assumes most people have finished their familial duties by 9 o’clock when the event began. At least it made getting a drink at the bar an easier task. When the bartender wasn’t busy texting, that is.

My slight reservations aside, and the somewhat less than impressive attendance, I found myself pulled into what was going on around me pretty quickly.

Immediately upon entering I noticed a topless woman standing on a platform, body paint serving as her only covering above the waist. Local artist Mark Doepker was seated before her on the floor, busily sketching her half-clothed figure, while the artist responsible for her painted chest saw to a succession of attendees looking to have their faces painted in similarly swirling patterns. This was definitely not your average Charlotte club scene and for that I was thankful.

Across the room, photographer Jasiatic Anderson set up in one of Dharma’s signature semi-private lounge booths, capturing images of couples and friends in casual repose.

While the patio wasn’t necessary as the escape from madness that it usually provides, it was still nice to go outside and enjoy the seasonally warm weather from time to time.

The music – provided by DJs Diarra Mayfield and ThatGuy Smitty – shifted from funk, soul and afrobeat early on to house and downtempo as the night progressed, bringing more people out onto the dance floor. It was a nice mix, and was well timed as the more laid-back sounds made for good entry and chill music while the dance tunes kicked off a more energetic mood right as the drinks began to collectively take hold and loosen inhibitions.

With this lively vibe playing out for the rest of the evening, 2 a.m. came much more quickly than anticipated and as I closed out my bar tab I found myself glad to not have overlook this event. I even found myself making plans to attend again in the not too distant future.

Su Casa has been recently scheduled to take place on the second Sunday of every month at Dharma, so if you didn’t get a chance to come out make sure to get there next time. You will experience an event unlike most others in the Queen City.

— Jeff Taylor

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