Night Review: Loco Lime 2nd Annual Cinco de Mayo block party



The Deal: After experiencing the authentic Mexican food at Paco's, we headed to Plaza Midwood. Loco Lime hosted their 2nd annual block party in celebration of Cinco de Mayo with a parking lot party fully equipped with DJ and wall-to-wall Corona flags and flyers.

The Good: What better way to celebrate this (faux) Mexican holiday than a parking lot behind two cinderblock buildings, packed with people and a sea of sombreros? What if it was topped it off with one multi-colored strobe light? Welcome to Loco Lime’s Cinco de Mayo Block Party. And what’s a fiesta without a little entertainment? Not to worry: entertainment we had in the form of a three-piece ensemble: one fake mustache-donning senorita spilling her margarita all over her Jack Rogers Sandals, swaying to the DJ’s beats, and two token drunk guys in ponchos break-dancing to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s own “Jump on It.” But hey, the most interesting man in the world did made an appearance … in cardboard cutouts. Mexico should be proud.

The Bad: I was expecting a piñata, but for this particular Cinco de Mayo celebration my paper mache vision translated to cornhole. Apparently this bar game is a favorite in Mexico, too. Who knew? Also, for a fiesta the music sure sounded familiar. I was unaware that Michael Jackson was also a favorite below the border, nor did I realize that the Hispanics were such strong advocates of “Bringing Sexy Back.” You learn something new every day.

The Verdict: Loco Lime successfully put an American spin on this Mexican holiday, and although I didn’t see a single person of Mexican decent present, I’m sure they would have loved it.

— Jordan Bullington

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