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Night review: Whisky River invite-only anniversary party



The Deal: Three years ago the people at Whisky River opened their doors — and what better way to commemorate this occasion than festivities for the patrons. While tonight marks the official three-year anniversary party with a live concert by Rodney Atkins, last night Whisky threw a VIP Anniversary Party for all their friends and family.

The Good: The party may have started at 8 p.m., but the crowd didn’t show till 9 p.m. What first began as a smaller affair, with free food and an open bar, transitioned quickly to a dance-off. And I’m not talking your standard guy on girl grind fest either; I’m talking a regular dance competition fully equipped with what appeared to be synchronized moves and patiently waiting wallflowers lining the sides of the dance floor. While the stage involved both males and females, the males were the dominating group with guys dancing solo and trying to out-dance the rest. These dancers spanned generations; a few of them didn’t even look old enough to be in Whisky. Meanwhile others could sing every last word of Springsteen’s “Jessie’s Girl” — probably because the song conjured up some high school memories. With so many contributors to this dance party it seemed as if we had entered the Twilight zone — or at least the Disney Chanel, where, as one friend put it, “people settle their differences in dance.”

The Bad: “High School Musical” mode was entertaining, to say the least, and we were enjoying the view bar side. That is, until the bouncers kindly asked us to get up so they could take out all bar stools to — you guessed it — make a larger dance floor. Oh, and open bar translates to: free domestic bottles.

The Verdict: Nicely done, Whisky River. Here’s to another three years.

— Jordan Bullington

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