Night review: Auction of Love at Whisky River



The Deal: Friday night, Feb. 11, I joined the stage along with 14 of Charlotte’s hottest bachelors and bachelorettes at Whisky River for the Ace and TJ’s Auction of Love. The festivities started just after 10 p.m. with all the proceeds benefiting Ace and TJ’s own charity: The Grin Kids.

The Good: The event required a dynamic crowd with an upbeat atmosphere — and as usual, Whisky River delivered full force with a packed house, and beautiful people to boot. Ace and TJ were joined on the stage by singles from bartenders to the Whisky Girls —  not to mention one real life auctioneer whose fast-paced dialogue made my head spin. If watching WSOCFm radio personality, Big Sexy, shed layers of clothes on the catwalk wasn’t enough to keep it interesting, each bachelor and bachelorette came equipped with his or her own extravagant prize package. Packages included, but weren’t limited to: Autographed memorabilia, ski passes, V.I.P. access to the Flogging Molly show tonight at the Fillmore, and weekend passes to Carowinds combined with complimentary reservations at one of Charlotte’s top hotels. Not to worry though — as Ace and TJ assured the crowd, just because you were the highest bidder didn’t mean you had to snuggle up in a four-star hotel with Crash and Otis, 95.1’s own most eligible bachelors. As the night wore on, each package got better, the bids grew higher, and thanks to a few cocktails to calm our nerves prior to showtime, dance moves down the runway got a little more entertaining.

The Bad: My only feasible protest is that Ace and TJ themselves weren’t up on the auction block. Who wouldn’t want the chance to bid on that rowdy duo?

The Verdict: It was the picture perfect way for all those unattached in this bustling Queen City of ours to celebrate Valentine’s Day; and with all the money raised in support of the Grin Kids, you could let loose for a good cause.

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