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Night review: Bottomless Wine nights at Crave Dessert Bar



The Deal: Crave Dessert Bar offers bottomless wine on Thursday nights for $20.


The Good: Despite the swanky decor at Crave, the idea of free-flowing wine attracts all kinds of folks. On the particular Thursday I was there, to the left of me seated at the bar was a group of nicely dressed gentlemen with a bottle of champagne on ice. (Although it seemed only one was repeatedly filling his glass.) At one of the couch areas, a group of trendy hipsters were puffing off a hookah and celebrating a birthday. Across from me, on another corner of the bar, was a very casually dressed man and woman (perhaps on a Friday night, they'd be at Thomas Street or Solstice Tavern) smoking a hookah. And as we were leaving, a couple, clearly on a date, walked in, holding hands. The atmosphere here is clearly welcoming. 

Another good thing to look forward to is that the wine offerings, although house, are not restricted to the mundane Chardonnay and Merlot. I was able to sip on a few glasses of Riesling, while my friend enjoyed Pinot Noir. Not to mention the option to add flavored hookah or some tasty desserts to sweeten the night. (The photo below is of the two cupcakes we ordered: A chocolaty Cocoa Cocoa and a red velvety Detailed Devils.)


The Bad: When the bartender (extremely friendly, by the way) poured us each our first glass, my friend and I looked at each other and laughed. The wine in these stemless goblets came up to barely an inch. I'll be fair and say that each pour varied in the amount, as we had different people serving us, but that first glass left us thinking we'd be there all night if we wanted to get our $20 worth.

The Verdict: I'm one of those people who can drink copious amounts of wine and feel semi-fine the next day — wine is much more kinder to me than vodka. $20 for as much wine as you can drink is a great deal and a great way to get a jumpstart on the weekend. I left happy (and buzzed).

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