Night review: An Afterbirth Casserole Productions potluck



When someone invites you to a potluck dinner, there is usually a stereotypical assumption of the evening's events — everyone brings a dish, eats and socializes.

But an Afterbirth Casserole Productions potluck is a completely different story, a story that was lived out Jan. 17 when they held their second potluck dinner, equipped with awesome bands at the Belmont Haunted Mill.

Yes, it's a true story: Haunted 3D Putt-Putt, a haunted house, music, and of course, a table lined with various dishes for consumption (including a Sloppy Joe MRE and remarkably tasty PPSHIVERS squash casserole). Not to mention, the event was BYOB, so there was no worry concerning the cost of drinking at a bar if you chose to engage in heathenism. It was a lethal combination for fun times. Patrons filled the establishment; some playing putt-putt and exploring the haunted house while others watched Fat Camp, Pullman Strike, Blossoms and Cheap Girls play.

Music, for our listening pleasure, started almost immediately and Charlotte's premier homosexual party rock band, Fat Camp, amused us with quirk and their lewd and hilarious songs. Singer and guitarist Lee Grutman dressed as a Jedi and the band jammed out while the whole crowd could not help but giggle and groove.

Maybe it was the fact that I had my very own 12-pack and a DD but after Fat Camp I was in a goofy mood that required adventure and where I was, it was at my fingertips. It was time for me to meander on into the haunted house. Within, rooms were filled with frightening décor and various ghouls and devils jumped out from behind fixtures to give us a jolt. The most awesome part of it all was the vagina-esque exit. Seriously folks, it was like climbing out of the womb all over again. That is the only way to describe it. I recommend you experience it for yourself to truly understand.

By the end of the night, I became so excited that I ran around the entire haunted mill like a 2-year-old at a playground. I didn't play putt-putt but I spent some time in a spinning vortex room that surprisingly didn't nauseate me. Seriously, you should keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming show here. Word on the street is there is another one in the making. Come and check it out because by Lord it is overwhelmingly fantastic.

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