Night review: Celebrity Morgue Party at Tremont Music Hall



Once upon a Saturday night (Jan. 8, to be exact) at Tremont Music Hall, magical things happened. Celebrities rose from the grave to tease us, dancing down to pasties and wrestling. Wizards who called themselves Manchovy rocked the house with sweet tunes and ate pizza with a sultry dancing lobsterman. DJ SIN spun the night away while the less adventurous zombie stars broke it down on the dance floor. And The Body Bags and Prowler brought in the rest of the night when we had all taken in too much of the magical juice that the land of Tremont has to offer.

I must say that when Gore-A-Licious Productions takes over a joint, it becomes a different world altogether. Even if you aren’t into the music on the bill there is something for everyone. Simply being a spectator of these lovely ladies’ performances is worthy of your time. Honestly, how can you go wrong with bombshells dancing in cages dressed as post-mortem Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and The Black Dahlia? Not to mention, how many opportunities does one have to dress up like it’s Halloween? Even if you didn’t know how to display the side effects of your death of choice, Gore-A-Licious took care of you with immensely talented make-up artists that in a matter of minutes could make you look screen-ready for a B-rated horror flick.

After everyone got all made up, a costume contest took the stage and “Oxyclean/Oxycotin” wielding Billy Mayes and Shaft duked it out for the grand prize while the remaining contestants were hilariously declared dead due to anal sex, thanks to the Elder Statesman’s twisted MCeeing. I can’t rave enough and it would be a futile attempt to tell you more than this sampling of the great time that I had that night. Between the atmosphere, eclectic people, rad and creative performances and Tremont bartender, Lisa Barr’s famous orange juice margaritas, I could not have asked for more.

— Jennifer Bement

See photos from the event here.

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