Night review: NYE at the Milestone



Over the years, the Milestone has earned a strong reputation for its ability to get people wasted drunk. It is often said by those of us who have frequented the place that there is regular “bar drunk” and then there’s “Milestone drunk.”As on a Monday night you could end up slipping into this booze vortex, New Year's tends to be the most vulnerable time to visit a rare form of inebriation.

Because of this, I have often been the girl who barely makes it past midnight due to a copious amount of Jameson and a DD, but for some reason this year I just didn’t feel like making a deal with Satan and allowing myself to throw down with the rest of my fellow “Milestoners.” For the first time in my adult life, I spent New Year's sober and, as a result, got to witness and remember some of the best music and social interactions of my lifetime.

I was stoked from the moment I had seen the line-up. Little Bull Lee+Weekenders+Hectagons+Emotron+Mr. Invisible=Dance party by the end of the night in my book and that is exactly what happened. As The Emotron went on at midnight, everybody took their shot of choice and began getting down to the catchy tunes and mystically bizarre performance. By the end of The Emotron’s set as he stripped down to his tumor-esque sci-fi suit, people had began the final binge and ended up giving in to the temptation of shaking their hips: the dance party had begun.

It’s kind of funny to see a bunch of metal and punk rock kids dancing their asses off, but I suppose it is a natural reaction that is often held back. I, however,  lack shame when it comes to dancing with a complete disregard of my ability to stay on beat or who is watching me — so I joined in, eating up every moment of the unity and mirth we were experiencing. The dance party continued throughout Mr. Invisible’s set with vigor and thereafter thanks to Jonathan Hughes’ famous mix. By 3 a.m., everyone was getting told to leave but we were having such a good time that it was almost impossible.

The Milestone’s New Year's celebration was a successful and fantastic way to bring in 2011. And I'm super glad that I managed to remember every moment of it.

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