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Gravediggers' Ball is about the energy, not the music



Dixie's Tavern's Gravediggers Ball is one of the biggest Halloween parties that hits Charlotte every year. Sure, many people might diss the musical acts they bring in (last year, the Backstreet Boys were back!), but hey, it's a party, not a concert. The event is about the energy, the good time — not if lyrics are well-written or meaningful at all.

For example, here's one of my favorite verses from Ke$ha's song "Blah Blah Blah" (oh yeah, in case you hadn't heard, she'll be performing at this year's Gravediggers' Ball, with opening act Kevin Rudolph):

"I don't care where you live at / Just turn around boy, let me hit that! / Don't be a little bitch with your chitchat / just show me where your d***'s at."

And the video, if you'd rather hear it for ya self.

A bit whoreish? Maybe. Is she singing about equal rights for men and woman? Not really, but I can kinda see it. But is it fun? Totally. And that's what a Halloween party should be about. Besides, you're probably going to get shitfaced anyway — all you need is a good beat to dance to and you'll be good.


Ticket Prices:

$20 - General Admission

$50 - Front Stage VIP (includes access to a guaranteed front of stage VIP viewing area)

$80 - VIP Club Pass (includes free beer, liquor, and food)

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