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Culture clashing and two anniversaries



Luna Lounge and Dharma Lounge celebrated their 1-year anniversaries on Wednesday night and instead of flipping a coin to decide what the move was, I gathered some friends and just hit both.

Luna was the first stop. Other than the flyer saying it was their 1st anniversary, there wasn't anything going on to suggest that this week was more unique than others. On the bright side DJ BroRabb was once again on his A-game and the conversations had while loitering outside was top notch. (Showing people how I can get to hidden files on their Blackberry without a password is quickly becoming a favorite party trick of mine, and one I'll never show a woman).

I convinced a couple Dharma regulars and friends of mine to try something different at Luna, and they were receptive not only to the music and vibe but also the drinks that were more generous with the alcohol than the chaser. Funniest moment, no doubt, is a picture of all of us surrounded by the black grown and sexy crowd with one of my friends wearing a Children of the Corn T-shirt. Culture clash.

Luna was what it always is, which is cool, but with 5th Element (where Cans used to be) stealing away some of its loyalist party-goers, it might be time for a twist soon.

Dharma was the move after midnight and it was awesome. It was like the old Dharma again, maybe because George Brazil was back in his former stomping grounds. It was like a movie scene, seriously. Packed dance floor, packed stage and poles. Patio was rammed, but instead of a lot of beef, it was all euphoric. Other than the long bar wait, everything was really really good, which can't be said every week there.

By far the highlight of the night for me was the security guy at Dharma. After being upset with him a few weeks ago when my car got broken into, he was cool and apologetic when we ran into each other at Amos' for Public Enemy. But then on my way out last Wednesday, he asked me about a West Charlotte shirt I had on recently. We're both alums. Then he asked me about an A&T shirt he saw me in prior. We're both alums. With those two facts, any animosity was lost because if there's anything I love, it's West Charlotte and A&T. Then a drunk blonde chick jumps in to say, "I know all about that. I'm from [somewhere not West Charlotte or A&T]," and us saying nearly in unison, "You don't know nothin' 'bout this, girl."

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