Drink of the week: $1 margaritas every day



Like many people, tequila and I have a love/hate relationship. I love it at night, and it hates me in the morning. Oy. But a refreshing margarita in a salt-brimmed glass is perfect for this hot weather.

This week, our food critic Tricia Childress reviews San Antonio's Modern Mexican, located in the SouthPark area. In her review, she relays to her readers that the restaurant offers $1 margaritas every day. Here's an excerpt:

Aside from this, we scarfed up a ton of comfort in the guacamole, made without flair but with lively chatter tableside, and the Galveston crab claws. The claws were fun especially paired with the one dollar margaritas, part of the restaurant's appeal. This popular margarita special is served all day, all night. A varied margarita list and 60 tequilas are on hand as well.

Read the full review here, and for more information on the eatery, visit www.SanAntoniosMM.com.

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