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Drink of the week: The Grape Big Chew



Last night I was out with one of my girls and I stumbled across a shot I’d never heard of before. I wanted something different, and the bartender asked if I remembered the Big Chew bubble gums that people chewed on as kids ... well, honestly I lived in England when I was a child, so I had no idea what he meant. But I told him I was a bubble gum chewer and he offered me the Grape Big Chew: a shot that gives a little touch of the good old days, but with a good old adult twist.


Found at: Fifty 1, 7715 Pineville-Matthews Road.

Ingredients: 3 Olives Grape, 3 Olives Bubble Gum, Razzmatazz, Blue Carrousel, Sprite, and Sour mix.

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