'Party Like a Roxx Star'



For the next month or so, I live in Southend (soon to be moving because of inflation and high rental costs, grrrrr). One of the great things about where I live is the different types of nightlife venues available to me via a short walk from my apartment. For example, there's Tavern on the Tracks, The Gin Mill, Apostrophe Lounge and Dharma Lounge all RIGHT there. I love it.

The newest player to the Southend nightlife game is On the Roxx. The first time I was there, my boyfriend and I sat in comfy chairs at the bar, chatted up the bartender and felt completely at ease. Don't you love places like that?

On Friday night, Paschal Promotions and On The Roxx presents: "Party Like a RoxxStar."


Visit www.roxxsouthend.com to RSVP for complimentary admission.

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