Three Olives Vodka's Rangtang: Yes or no?



Saturday night my buddy and I hit up Tilt's 3-year anniversary party. The complimentary draft was a-flowing and the glasses of Three Olives vodka were a-tinkling.

And I have to say, not being a frequent drinker, my new favorite flavor of vodka is the Three Olives Vodka Rangtang. This juice of the vodka gods comes in an orange-colored bottle and tastes of a blend of orange and tangerines. Mixed with Sprite, you've practically got orange soda! Yum!


But like I said, I'm a lightweight, so I appreciate not actually TASTING liquor. But I know there are others out there that complain a glass 3/4 filled with the hard stuff isn't hard enough. Have you tried this new flavor? What do you think?

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