Dharma Lounge




The Dharma Lounge, Dharma Lounge is located in the heart of the Camden Rd District on the corner of West Summit Ave and S.Tryon Street. Dedicated to stylish nightlife without all the fuss, dharma is the perfect place to dance and mingle without worrying about velvet rope lines, VIP sections, or ridiculous cover charges.

Pretty but not pretentious, Dharma Lounge prides itself on being truly about the nightlife. Dharma has nightly events Wed thru Sun and the doors open at 9pm. Equipped with one of the best sound systems (Turbo Sound) in the Carolinas, Dharma is the perfect place to hear world class djs and cutting edge new talent.

Dharma Lounge

1440 South Tryon Street, Suite 105, Charlotte

(704) 334-8336


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