CIAA 2010 Night 2: Suite Dreams



I can honestly say that Suite Dreams (at Suite at the EpiCentre, if you didn't catch that) saved my night last night.

It's always a good sign to see fairly cute girls in line at the club ... that usually means the hot ones are already inside (and probably stalking professional athletes). There were a few familiar faces from Madden, including the Panthers Tank Tyler, rockin' to Durham's DJ Bro-Rabb. (None as big at Terrell Owens at Luna last night though.)

The party, sponsored by The A-List & The Sol Kitchen, was a beautiful blend of the up-and-coming and middle-aged and accomplished, but it somehow meshed well. Bro-Rabb made sure that nobody felt left out. There was old school, Maze, Prince, Michael Jackson, new school, Drake, Trey Songz, along with West Coast hits, House and Go-Go. He had energy like Martin Lawrence in House Party — I mean literally dropping a record, doing his dance, doing his scratches and even making it rain his mix CDs!

Heated tents let people enjoy the rooftop without freezing their balls off and  the hostesses were hustling with those bottles.

More ironic to me was the fact that no one really seemed to mind being extra close to the person next to them. The dance floor was JAMMED PACKED!

It was probably the darkest Suite has ever been (feel me?) and you know what, I could kinda get used to this.

Let's hope they don't start bullshitting on the dress code after CIAA is over — I'm pretty sure my jeans and Nike Blazers won't be up to snuff afterward.

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