Say goodbye to PJ's Coffee and Lounge and CANS



It's always sad to see a place go out of business, and this week, Charlotte will be losing two popular nightspots.

Tonight, PJ's Coffee and Lounge in the EpiCentre will officially close its doors forever, and I'm kind of disheartened about it. PJ's is probably one of the chillest places in the EpiCentre. Where else will I go now to smoke a chocolate-mint-flavored hookah downtown? Sure, maybe the drinks were a tad on the expensive side, and the service a little slow at times, but I liked the place.

And if that's not enough, CANS, a staple in the Charlotte nightlife scene, will finally close for good this weekend. The last day it will be open is Sunday, Jan. 3. While I never was a regular at CANS, it is the first place I ever tried Patron XO — oh, good times. But any place that's supported the Panthers as fiercely as they have is bound to be missed.

Rumors are swirling in the industry over why these places are going out of business. Bad management? Too much competition? Scandals? The recession? Who knows, and seriously, who cares? The thing to remember about these places closing down is that people are losing their jobs. I hear that the economy's looking up, but hell, jobs are still pretty scarce. And with more and more places looking to hire the beautiful over the experienced, working in the nightlife industry is getting to be fiercely competitive.

So while you still can, head out to PJ's and CANS and support the people who made these places what they are before you bid them adieu.

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